Give/Donate/Contribute to Wildlife Trust of India (WTI)

Give/Donate/Contribute to Wildlife Trust of India (WTI)
Give/Donate/Contribute to Wildlife Trust of India (WTI)
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Buy this to make a donation to CAF India validated charity Wildlife Trust of India (WTI). Pick a quantity to make the total amount equivalent to what you would like to donate and then pay online using credit card or online bank transfer.

Focus: Wildlife care and protection.

Since its inception in 1998, WTI has worked through various programmes like Wild Aid, Wild Rescue, Wild Lands, Wild Species, and Wild Campaigns to address tackle aspects of threats to wildlife in Protected Areas. It works with a committed group of professionals that includes amongst others biologists, veterinarians, lawyers, management and media experts.

Together with its international partner, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), WTI has created India's first wildlife rehabilitation centre to rescue temporarily disadvantaged wild animals and a black bear rescue and rehabilitation facility, both in north-east India. It has for the first time created an insurance scheme that covers India's 25,000 field forest staff against accidents while on duty.

Some of the key challenges that the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) has taken upon itself are:

  • to train and equip forest guards in wildlife sanctuaries and insure them against death and disability
  • to react to wildlife crisis professionally, and in time, to reach funds and equipment to the ground where it is needed most

    Annual programme budget: : Rs. 250 Lakhs.

    Wildlife Trust of India is a charitable trust and all donations are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

    • to rescue and rehabilitate wild animals in distress, bring up orphaned elephant and rhino calves to release them in the wild
    • to identify and secure elephant corridors
    • to campaign against the Shahtoosh shawl that is killing thousands of Tibetan antelopes
    • to spread awareness in Gujarat to save the Whale Shark, which is killed for illegal exports
    • to lobby in India and in international fora to stop trade in tiger bone, ivory and other wild animals and their body parts
    • to reduce man-animal conflicts through science
    • to lobby against, and use courts to fight, policies that are environmentally dangerous and can destroy habitat and species

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